Hello to the zero followers listening and the empty space of my brand new blog. Does anyone else love starting over and just having a clean space to work with? I’m starting this blog to share my story as a mother. I’m thinking that if I write a post every week about how it all started, then I can eventually let it go and move forward with my life. Not without my baby, of course, but without the other person who should be here with us but has chosen to live without us. I truly believe that I am better off, as is Jakson, but it’s still hard to picture in a few years what Jakson will feel like not knowing who his father is and why he left us. 

DISCLAIMER: this is not going to be a freaking blog about the a-hole who abandoned us. 

However, in order to tell the whole story he obviously is a part of it and a part that I would like to leave in the past. So with the help of my handy dandy notebook (aka blog… I use a lot of tv/ movie references FYI.) I am going to MOVE ON WITH MINE AND JAKSON’S LIFE. And be the most successful and badass single mom you’ve ever seen. 

So here’s to motherhood:  It’s one of the best, most difficult and mind boggling things anyone can ever experience, and maybe one day my son can read this and get all the gory details of his first years… If you are reading this bubba, I love love love you Jaki Lee (Jakson Liam, but he’s kind of a ninja and can climb like no other so this is a good nickname for him.) 

XO, New Blogger.