Hello! My name is Jordan and I  am “mama” to a one-durful one year old. I started this blog originally to document my son’s first years and to let out my thoughts, because what mom doesn’t need to let off some steam, or gush about the latest thing your little on is doing? As I ride along on my blogging journey though, I have begun to really enjoy writing advice / truths of being a single mom and being a young mom.   It’s a wild ride and there are a lot of bumps along the way, so I am here to share my experiences with both and hopefully spread love, advice and share stories of my crazy, messy life to all other single / young mamas out there. DISCLAIMER: I am by no means the blogger with a perfect life, and don’t claim to know what the heck I’m doing anymore than the rest of us. But despite my age, I’ve been through a lot and would love to help others going through similar struggles.

Some background information on us: we are currently spending our days in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with our two dogs! We love being outside and take up any opportunity we have to do something fun and adventurous. On the days when we don’t have that opportunity you can find us playing with cars, our dogs, and watching Shrek (or when the babe is napping, you can find me binging on New Girl & wishing I was Joanna Gaines.) On the days that I don’t spend being a human jungle gym, pack-horse, chef, maid, dog-walker, handyman and basically a million other things (moms are superheroes) I am student, working towards a career in ultrasound technology.

I don’t have many friends that share my same interests and situation. (Obviously.) Most 18-year-olds have entirely different lives! But I know there are other young moms out there breaking away from the  stereotypical “teen mom” life and I would love to hear their stories and make some new friends along the way.

If you read all the way through this, CONGRATS. Now you know about me, tell me about you- visit my Contact Page to e-mail me for advice, questions, or just to talk. I love hearing from my fellow bloggers so don’t be shy!

XO, Jordan

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