sunburn, white & blue

Our Fourth was so fun and I wish I had gotten more photos but the ones I did get are worth more than GOLD so it’s okay.  We spent the day with lil J’s fav person in the world, grandma. Jaks didn’t go to the parade or see fireworks last year, so this year was his first time seeing any of it and I kid you not, the second he heard the drums from the first float in the parade, he was going NUTS. If you don’t believe me here’s a picture.


He clapped, and said “oooooo!” and was bouncing like a maniac in his grandma’s arms… It was the cutest.


His fav part was when the marching bands went by, but the elephants & camels were a close second. (who else can say they had people riding elephants and acting like pirates and kings and queens for their 4th of July parade?! Living next to renaissance fair is awesome.)Also, Jaks got maracas from a vendor and we ate the best BBQ ever.

Regardless of the profuse sweating, bright red skin and constant wedgie I acquired over the course of the day, I still got  compliments on my outfit (that was a total of $12. I’m serious.) And it was still a wonderful day. After the parade + street fair we were basically dying for ice cream, so we stopped at a cute little parlor north of our town.


We spent the evening cuddled up on our patio with a blanket, just Jaks and I, watching the fireworks from afar. He fell asleep laying on my chest looking like a literal angel. It was the perfect tribute to Jaks’s first parade & fireworks. We celebrated our freedom, our country, and our blessed lives by living to the fullest. I just love my simple life with my little boy in the greatest country there is. ❤️

BBQ lips.



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