my dumb dog ran away


when you finally get your hands on the leash. (sneaky grin)

“give snuffy hugs and kisses”
So here’s a little back story on my dog. Ever since we moved into our apartment he’s started barking and acting crazy and dragging me (with Jaks strapped to my chest) every time he sees another dog. He lived in the middle of no where for the first year and a half of his life and was basically allowed to roam freely, so third-floor apartment living is a huge adjustment for him. Don’t know how to fix his attitude, should probably take him to dog school. Anyways.

So last night I had left the sliding glass door open to let some fresh air in and when we woke up this morning our entire apartment was filled with cigarette smoke from the patio below ours. Naturally, I began to open all the other windows and doors to get the smell out, completely forgetting that my dog is a psycho ass and as soon as he saw the door propped open for literally FOUR SECONDS, he booked it down the steps and howled for like an hour at every person he saw while I ran after him and he ran from me. Mind that this was literally right when I woke up and I hadn’t put his collar on him yet. (Insert slapping myself in the face emoji.)

Eventually I went upstairs and made Jaks breakfast, because I couldn’t find him and couldn’t hear him howling anymore. After breakfast we went out again and drove around for half an hour, but still no luck. So I called it quits and called all the local authorities (humane society, police department, local shelters, local vet offices, etc.) and ended up finding a post on a Lost Pet Facebook page.

We picked him up and the girl who found him told me that he was found in the field next to the Walmart across the street from our house, which means that he had to cross a very busy road to get to wherever the crap he thought he was going. (insert another slap myself in the face emoji.)

Moral of the story: Don’t open your front door when you have a crazy dog.

Also, Facebook is an important resource. Even if it is only used when you lose your dog. (or are searching for throwback thursday blackmail.)



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