Moving Day

Today’s the day- we’re moving!

Jakson has always lived in the same house so I’m a little curious as to how he will react to being in a new place. Is he going to be scared? Excited? Sad?Meanwhile, I was up all night packing because I hadn’t even STARTED yet until yesterday (I know) & instead of getting most of it done yesterday during the day time, I invited a friend over to say goodbye and basically ended up talking/ dancing/ laughing the day away. Whoops.

So anyways, it’s 8 a.m. and Jaks is still asleep so  I’m going to take this time to freaking breathe and relax before spending nine hours in the car with a one year old, two dogs, and my mother. I think I am sufficiently prepared. I packed lots of snacks, chocolate, a blanket and pillow, change of clothes, singing seahorse (aka the only thing that puts Jakson to sleep besides boob), phone charger, diapers, teething tablets, and a kindle with some movies on it for the ride. Am I missing anything?

(Hours later)

Well, we’re about an hour into our 9 hour drive and we are freaking POOPED. Jakson refused to eat breakfast this morning so naturally he was starving the minute we left the house and nursed me dry, which made me feel starving so we just stopped for burrito bowls (YES!). After we ate Jakson fell asleep almost immediately and now I’ve got a minute to document our big move:

Despite the bumpy road and smelly car because TWO DOGS AND A BABY- the trip is beautiful. Pine trees everywhere, snow, river…. it’s endless. If you have never driven through the Rocky Mountains of Idaho / Wyoming, put it on your bucket list. Jackson Hole is a must and although it’s pretty expensive to stay there, you can get a cheap hotel/ b&b just on the other side of the mountain in the cutest town called victor, Idaho! The whole area is a freakin postcard y’all. And that is where I have lived for the last FIVE YEARS. But I am so excited for what’s to come in our new home & we will be closer to my sister and my best friend Mattie. Not only will we be adding good people to our life, but eliminating negative ones as well. The valley is so pretty and I will miss my view, but the people there are so cliquey and gossipy and stuck up, especially when you had a child at 16. (I can’t even go to the grocery store without feeling people stop and stare and whisper and its really annoying.) There’s honestly only 1-2 people that I will genuinely miss, which is pretty sad considering I’ve called this place my home for 5 years. But one thing I have learned in the last two of those five is that having a child in high school will prove who your real friends are; and that is something I am thankful for. I’m taking this new beginning as an opportunity to start over, drama free. New home. New number. No social media. No negativity. A fresh start is exactly what we need. I am happy to leave the past behind and finally say that we made it through!

Here are some (pretty unquality) pictures from the ride:

Happy Thursday y’all!

xo, J&J


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