my dumb dog ran away


when you finally get your hands on the leash. (sneaky grin)

“give snuffy hugs and kisses”
So here’s a little back story on my dog. Ever since we moved into our apartment he’s started barking and acting crazy and dragging me (with Jaks strapped to my chest) every time he sees another dog. He lived in the middle of no where for the first year and a half of his life and was basically allowed to roam freely, so third-floor apartment living is a huge adjustment for him. Don’t know how to fix his attitude, should probably take him to dog school. Anyways.

So last night I had left the sliding glass door open to let some fresh air in and when we woke up this morning our entire apartment was filled with cigarette smoke from the patio below ours. Naturally, I began to open all the other windows and doors to get the smell out, completely forgetting that my dog is a psycho ass and as soon as he saw the door propped open for literally FOUR SECONDS, he booked it down the steps and howled for like an hour at every person he saw while I ran after him and he ran from me. Mind that this was literally right when I woke up and I hadn’t put his collar on him yet. (Insert slapping myself in the face emoji.)

Eventually I went upstairs and made Jaks breakfast, because I couldn’t find him and couldn’t hear him howling anymore. After breakfast we went out again and drove around for half an hour, but still no luck. So I called it quits and called all the local authorities (humane society, police department, local shelters, local vet offices, etc.) and ended up finding a post on a Lost Pet Facebook page.

We picked him up and the girl who found him told me that he was found in the field next to the Walmart across the street from our house, which means that he had to cross a very busy road to get to wherever the crap he thought he was going. (insert another slap myself in the face emoji.)

Moral of the story: Don’t open your front door when you have a crazy dog.

Also, Facebook is an important resource. Even if it is only used when you lose your dog. (or are searching for throwback thursday blackmail.)



hey blog, been a minute.

The last six months have flown by. Wow. I mean I really can’t believe Jakson is almost two years old, and the fact that I am going to be a mom to a two-year-old is even more mind-boggling. The reason I haven’t been on lately is that I have been having way too much fun. These past few months have been busy, yes, but have also been the most fun and exciting and enjoyable. Jakson has grown so much. He gives hugs and kisses all the time, and has even started giving Chase (the baby we nanny) hugs and kisses when he sees him. It’s the CUTEST. I also didn’t write down Jakson’s grover phase from a few months back, which basically consisted of taking Grover everywhere and getting him dressed and carrying him like a baby and changing his diaper, etc… Jakson couldn’t put him down for a second. And luckily, I got TONS of photos of the two together. (:

What else has happened… Well, Jakson talks a little. He mostly copies things from movies like “no” “nah” “mom? dad?” “ahhhhhh *smacks hands on face like kevin mccalister*” and allllll the truck noises. Firetruck, ambulance, police car, monster truck, lightning McQueen, like every thing you can think of. And various other noises like cookie monster, “uh-oh” “aw man”, “mama”, “mom”, “MAAAAAMMMMM” (only moms will understand), and yum, the shiver noise when he is telling us something is cold, he says “ho ho ho” when he’s talking about Santa. There’s just so much that he can do now! We also like to do some dancing around here, which isn’t new news but jaksons dance moves are front page headlining news because DANG that boy can dance. I sing him a little “go Jakson, go Jakson, it’s your birthday” and he goes wild with his hands and his feet and stumbles around at high-speed until he inevitably falls on his butt and claps for himself. (Are toddlers not the cutest thing on this planet?)

Jakson doesn’t throw fits, infact he doesn’t really do any thing THAT bad, ever. He’s a perfect angel and I am not even trying to be the mom that pretends like her kids are perfect when actually it’s a disaster. I just love him so much. He’s my buddy, and we just hangout all day together and play cars and play outside and watch movies and clean the house and cook and watch the baby. It is so awesome. And bonus: he can ACTUALLY help now, instead of just me pretending like he is helping and then going behind his back and undoing / redoing everything he helped with. He actually knows how to wipe stuff down, and get me towels after I get out of the shower. (This is one of my fav things he does because not only is it convenient, it’s freakin adorable.) And he can mix his own chocolate milk. Okay, this would be easier if I did it but he loves it so much that I don’t mind cleaning up the mess. He also “helps” make Chase’s bottles, and its pretty messy too.. But again, he loves it so. Whaddaya do?

Jakson is basically a vacuum for food. He eats anything (that he likes) in insane amounts and will quite literally eat an entire thing of baby puffs in the time it takes him to watch cars 3. But, he also has phases where he won’t eat anything for days and I think he is going to be hospitalized. There’s no middle ground. He loves to read, especially corduroy and his counting and color books. Which reminds me, JAKSON IS A GENIUS. He knows all of his colors and can basically count. And, you can ask him what (almost) any letter sounds like and he will make the sound. Also this isn’t new but he can do his animal noises veryyyyy well. I am so proud of him! He is so theatrical when he plays and is always using an imagination. He uses his little kitchen and fake food to cook stuff up and will let me and grandma taste it. He hugs himself and makes kissy noises when grandma goes to bed and will run and jump into her arms and give her millions of hugs and kisses. I am only kind of jealous (‘: but he snuggles with me all night long so it’s no biggy.

Well, I always drift away from my blog and writing, and I always find myself right back here, so maybe that should tell me a little something about career options. I want to live just like I am now, maybe with my own house and a little more traveling, and the only way I know of to do that is with a blog so I should really just do it. I mean I’m already writing this crap so what do I got to lose? I’ll keep ya updated.

goodnight, sorry for the bipolar post. just wanted to document these things <333

crazy skin miracle. (no products.)

Okay guys. Something crazy happened and I need to spill. So over the course of the week little Jaks and I have been terribly sick and our main symptoms are overproduction of boogs (sorry), fever and sore throat. So I decided to break out Jakson’s humidifier from his NICU days to help hopefully clear our airways and make up for the water Jakson is lacking (because he has refused to eat or drink for like a week. ‘Nother story, ‘nother time.)

Anyways I have basically had constant face breakouts since we moved to Colorado, where it is very dry, and never made the connection until now. What I’ve figured out is  that the dry climate causes my already oily skin to overproduce oil (to make up for the lack of moisture in the air) and causes me to breakout.

I kid you not my skin cleared up in two days after having the humidifier running in my room at night. TWO. DAYS. This is coming from someone who has tried everything to clear their skin and has never been successful. I use moisturizer every morning and night. I wash my face most days (mom life is hard). I used zit cream. I exfoliate once a week. And all of these things are great and I will continue to do them, but the humidifier is what worked for me.

I’ve never had cystic acne, but I always have little zits that are just scattered around my face and it’s the worst. But NEVER AGAIN. *bows down and praises the elephant shaped humidifier*. If you live in a dry climate and struggle with skin problems, PLEASE TRY THIS. I want to know if anyone else has success with this because I have been searching for my skin solution since I was like, 12 and am totally in shock over the crazy results with the easiest solution ever. If you know someone who has skin problems, give them the gift of knowledge by sharing with them! Or give them a literal gift and get a humidifier sent to their house. Here’s some affordable ones I found:

Since I wasn’t planning on having a skin miracle over the past couple days, I didn’t take any before photos but I’m sure I can find something if I put in the effort. And I’m definitely not doing any after photos until the sickies are gone cause I’m looking rough. Maybe tomorrow. Too sick. I’m running a 102 degree fever (and my skin is still looking better than it does on a daily basis. LOL.) but I couldn’t wait to share because so excited.

I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday and gets outside to enjoy the beautiful summer time weather before it’s all gone, and winter wreaks havoc on us all.

To anyone who watches GOT and gets the bitmoji above, you’re appreciated. If you also love bitmoji, you’re appreciated too. If you happen to fall into both of these categories, slide into my DMs and let’s be friends.

This post is totally wack. It’s the fever talking guys. Falling back asleep now (with my flawless silky smooth face).


people watching 

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe other day Jakson and I were standing in the return line at Walmart when I spotted a frantic woman among the crowd. I watched as she ran in and out of the bathroom, searched in the produce section, among the checkout lanes and even in the carts. I began to look for the missing child too– I had no way of knowing that was what she was looking for, but the look on her face was precisely what I imagined mine would look like if I ever lost my baby. After about five minutes of feeling my insides twist watching this poor mother search for her child she walked to the help desk and I imagined her asking to call for the missing child over the intercom. Instead the employee handed the woman a pink iPhone. Relief swept over her face in an instant and she praised the lord that her missing phone had been returned, unharmed.

Moral of the story. People are loco over technology.

Happy Tuesday y’all 😂

sunburn, white & blue

Our Fourth was so fun and I wish I had gotten more photos but the ones I did get are worth more than GOLD so it’s okay.  We spent the day with lil J’s fav person in the world, grandma. Jaks didn’t go to the parade or see fireworks last year, so this year was his first time seeing any of it and I kid you not, the second he heard the drums from the first float in the parade, he was going NUTS. If you don’t believe me here’s a picture.


He clapped, and said “oooooo!” and was bouncing like a maniac in his grandma’s arms… It was the cutest.


His fav part was when the marching bands went by, but the elephants & camels were a close second. (who else can say they had people riding elephants and acting like pirates and kings and queens for their 4th of July parade?! Living next to renaissance fair is awesome.)Also, Jaks got maracas from a vendor and we ate the best BBQ ever.

Regardless of the profuse sweating, bright red skin and constant wedgie I acquired over the course of the day, I still got  compliments on my outfit (that was a total of $12. I’m serious.) And it was still a wonderful day. After the parade + street fair we were basically dying for ice cream, so we stopped at a cute little parlor north of our town.


We spent the evening cuddled up on our patio with a blanket, just Jaks and I, watching the fireworks from afar. He fell asleep laying on my chest looking like a literal angel. It was the perfect tribute to Jaks’s first parade & fireworks. We celebrated our freedom, our country, and our blessed lives by living to the fullest. I just love my simple life with my little boy in the greatest country there is. ❤️

BBQ lips.



Me: *wakes up in the middle of the night, gets out of bed & gets ice cream*

Me: *cries at my mom tummy that could have been gone months ago if I didn’t have a complete lack of self-control and discipline*

I swear after being pregnant I have zero self control over what I eat. I overeat, eat crap food, and don’t tell myself “no” when I’ve already had ice cream today and I get a craving. It’s getting bad. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

I think I just got into the habit of constantly eating, and with nursing I pretty much did the same. But now Jaks only nurses twice a day and I’m starting to see some love-handles coming back.

On Sesame Street they always have cookie monster practicing self control by not eating all the cookies and that’s LITERALLY ME Y’ALL. WHY AM I LIKE THIS.

Monday I’ll start my 12 week workout… The one that I’ve started 6 other times in the last year, only to make it to week three and miss a day. (causing me to give up completely because OCD.)

The real problem is my diet. I need to have a meal plan or track my calories but honestly how do people even do that? How do you plan your meals? How do people have that much control over their lives? How do you know what an acceptable calorie intake is?

To anyone who can help me be the healthy fit mom: help.

thanks. bye.





give. the. kids. a. break.


So he has his days– he cries for no reason and refuses to sit on the toilet and occasionally stomps his feet and uses his devil-voice when things aren’t going his way (you know what I’m talking about, the one where you think for a second he might be possessed… that one). Maybe this is the definition of a bad kid to someone. I know that 2 years ago, I might have felt the same. But it’s just not true. People put too much criticism and judgement on kids (and their parents) based on how they act 5-10% of the time.

Since I used to be one of those people who saw a screaming kid at the store and thought “what a brat” I am going to elaborate on why this is TOTALLY bogus and why my perspective has completely changed. First of all, kids are learning. They don’t come out tha womb knowing all of their manners believe it or not, and I bet you you were once that screaming kid at the store until you learned otherwise. They literally don’t know how to control their emotions or how to react to them. Once kids start to understand things more, like what “no” means, it can be especially hard for them to react in an appropriate manner. Imagine how it makes you feel to be told no. You feel shut down, and maybe a little sad or frustrated, but you continue on with your life and get over it because you know better than to scream and cry and flail your arms. Give these kids a BREAK. They are learning how to be respectful, emotionally stable adults one tantrum at a time. (And if they aren’t respectful emotionally stable adults when they grow up, I am making a bold prediction that they were not given the opportunity to throw tantrums and were rather never told no, and therefore never learned.) I was one of those people judging you and your kids throwing fits in the store, and honestly probably still would be if I never had a child. What a joke it is to go into parenting thinking you won’t ever have the kid that throws a fit at the store! LOL It’s just not realistic y’all.

This post got sidetracked and was supposed to be about how GREAT J is despite his 10% of yucky behavior. Sometimes I want to pull my hair out and bang my head against the wall when J cries over every little thing and wants me to hold him all day, but then something magical happens. He gives me kisses and hugs in public, or he holds my hand in his sleep. He giggles until he toots or vise versa. I try to gently sneak my arm out from under his neck after he falls asleep and as soon as I move, he lays on my chest on hugs me tight so I am unable to leave. He lays in my lap and watches Shrek, without squirming for ten minutes straight. Even watching him learn new things, like where his belly-button is and where the ice cream is at make my day a little brighter. Little moments like this just make me so happy and thankful to be a mom to the most kind-hearted boy I’ve ever known.

Earlier I was talking to my mom about one of these little moments that make my heart stop and tears roll. She said:”That’s how you know you’re doing parenting right. When they know how kiss and hug and love.” And she’s right. Teaching my Little how to love is the most important thing he will learn in his life. Everyday I pray that I don’t mess up this parenting thing, as I’m sure a lot of parents do, but today was one of the first days in months that I felt confident in my parenting.